NorthStar Family Records
About Us
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Many people know a little or nothing about NorthStar Family Records, so we'll provide information about our philosophy, history, and the members.

NorthStar Business Philosophy

NorthStar important role on earth is to help the people. Music reaches the heart of many that is why we run the company the way we do. For example:Before any bashment start we bless the place with prayer.

Our record label is dedicated to the production of a good quality, inexpensive entertainment that will improve the lives of our NorthStar Family.

NorthStar History

NorthStar started as a vision given to us by the Entire.
So far Northstar Soundsystem have killed all sounds that tried to test them. Northstar most recent killings was when they killed four sounds to become the Virgin Islands 45 shoot out champions.

NorthStar Family Records will be releasing our second album soon. Stay tuned!!!!

NorthStar Members



A soundsystem is only as great as the people who defend it. Here is the members of our soundsystem who help to ensure our sound is the best it can be.


Anthony B. & Redman