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Teaching's of Enlightenment 2
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Analyzing the Trinity within oneself

Blessings from de Entire. Greeting to all princesses.Life is a journey most travelled by wonderers.Those who do not wonder do not live,and in order to live you must unify the mind body and spirit.

I want everyone to use their third eye and overstand. G.O.D is a perfect example to use.You have god the father god the son and the holyspirit three in one.

Now take each individual we are three in one also and when you realize and analyze and use this in your life you will live a more productive and happy life.

Let me break it down for you.

The mind is like god the father.The mind sits on high on a throne.The mind sends out signals and create every physical thing that is done.The mind is ever living ever seeing.

The body is like god the son.The body is the link to the mind.What you do to the body you also do to the mind.Meditate on this,like god sent is son the mind also sends the body.

The spirit your spirit is a holy spirit and it will always be holy.Meditate on this like the representation of the holyspirit coming as fire,fire is uncontrolled energy and we need to learn to controll our spirits energy.The disciples was hiding in fear and when they recieved the holyspirit they were not afraid anymore.Each one of us is like those disciples afraid to find our innerselves, our realselves.So for us instead of waiting for the holyspirit to come down our holyspirit needs to be brought out.

This is my quote"When a persons thoughts are balanced and in harmony with their actions blessings will flow in abundance, and they will achieve health,happiness and prosperity"


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