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Teachings of Enlightenment 3
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Every man who does not want to find life finds death!!

Circumcise yourself at all cost!!

When I say circumcise yourself I am not speaking of physical circumcision I am speaking of spiritual circumcision. You must discard the flesh and deal with the spirit first and everything shall be added on to you.

Tomorrow Story
There was a rich man who said I should invest my money so that I can plant sow reap and fill my storehouses with produce that I may lack nothing. This is what he had in his heart but that very night he died.

I say to you do not invest for tomorrow invest for today.

If you are thinking of doing something positive do it now!!

The End of Evil Story
There was a farmer who sowed his good seeds. Along came his enemy and sowed some bad seeds where the farmer sowed his good seeds. The farmer helpers wanted to go pull the bad seeds up but the farmer told them to leave all the seeds because on the day of harvest the bad seeds will be told apart from the good seeds pulled up and burned.

Now vibes on this the farmer is the Almighty One, the enemy is the Evil One, the good seeds are the righteous, the bad seeds are the unrighteous and the day of harvest is judgment day.

This is why evil still exist today because all of the farmers good seeds has not grown to their full potential.

It is time for all the good seeds to manifest so that the bad seeds can be seen and burn in the fire of judgment!!

Life Mysteries
Those who know about the world but do not know themselves know nothing!!

The Entire reveals answers to Life Mysteries to the worthy.

So consider yourself blessed and worthy!!

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