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Metaphorically, religion is to spirituality as a bucket is to a well. Religion is an instrument or vessel that allows a person to access the source of life, but it is not the source.
NorthSar says to you"find your source"


Water symbolizes the flow and togetherness you must have with yourself and another family member. Remember a drop of water by itself cannot flow but when it joins with another drop of water there you have the motion of life.
NorthStar says to you "be everflowing"


In this world, life becomes hectic and many spirits get caught up in wordly living not realizing that the world is someplace we only pass through.
NorthStar says to you "be a passerby"


Do not be like those who love the tree but hate the fruit or like those who hate the tree but love the fruit. Without each other the circle of life will not be complete.
NorthStar says to you "think of everything as one"

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