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NorthStar Family News & Events

Farian will be droping his debut album in stores near you.

P.H.L.U.I.D will be droping his debute album in stores near you soon!!!

NorthStar Family Records Owner PrinceGrimm is in Maryland.

NorthStar family is in search fe anyone with musical talent and really want to get out there and show the world.
(we help everyone no matter what type of music they pursue)

If you are interested in getting the hook up contact PrinceGrimm at 301-442-4397


Be on the lookout for NorthStar Family Records second compilation album. This album will feature all the NorthStar Family Records Artists. The album will be called "Destiny of a Soldier II, The Birth Of A Nation".
Also look out fe de new reggae clash cd's and de dancehall cd's.

NorthStar Family Records (Princegrimm) is opening a new club somewhere in St. Croix. Be on the look-out for the hook-up.

Y.O.G.I Da Viciouse Bruin has signed with NorthStar Family Records. (Y.O.G.I will be dropping his debut album soon be on the look out for this one cause it is "HUNTING SEASON" for sure!!!)

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